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Interview in English)
What’s Tom’s worst habit?

Bill: Tom has the urge to
comment everything that is said. There is no conversation or discussion where he
has nothing to say. Even in conversations where he isn’t involved. And he loves
to have the last word.

What’s Bill’s worst

Gustav: He tends to be very egoistic – sometimes even too

What’s Georg’s worst habit?

Tom: Georg is always late. That drives me nuts. He just has a

What’s Gustav’s worst

Georg: He is very sensitive and gets easily pissed about a bad
joke. That gets him into one of his bitchy moods. When he bitches around –
that’s really the worst.

Who is Tokio Hotel’s…
messiest member?

Bill: Georg

- funniest

Tom: I am

- laziest

Bill: All the others
Tom: No, everybody except me

Gustav + Georg: Ohhhhh!

- most hardworking

Bill: I am! For example, when we recorded the English Album -
who had to work? I had to! The music was already recorded but I had to record
every vocal on every song again. It’s hard being the singer.
Tom: You all
can be very happy that you’re playing in my band. I’m the hardest working guy –
they would be nowhere without me (laughs)
Gustav + Georg: Ohhhhh!

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