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Up-And-Coming Music: Tokio Hotel!
Already platinum in six European countries, Tokio Hotel, with their stadium rock anthems and power ballads, has taken
aim on the U.S. with the release of an EP sold exclusively at Hot Topic. The two-song EP from the International
superstars features anthemic rock tracks "Scream" and "Ready Set Go" and marks
the group's first U.S. release to date.

Tokio Hotel has already started to see teens and tweens in the U.S. join the
die-hard fan following prior to releasing any material in the States. From
on-line petitions to get the group to the States to online polls on how cute
front man Bill is to this fantastical video it is evident that Tokio Hotel has

Tokio Hotel Is the biggest band to come out of Germany in 20 years. With over 6
million albums sold in Europe, four number one singles, two number one albums
and countless certified gold and platinum records, the boys from Tokio Hotel are
set to conquer North America. The band has the look that makes teenage girls
swoon, the sound that rocks crowds and the appeal that people cannot turn away
from. Scream, the U.S. debut from Tokio Hotel, with rock anthem
"Scream" to rock ballad "Monsoon" has something for everyone. Each track
delivers a message, from anti-suicide to being in love to expressing yourself,
which makes Tokio Hotel a group that everyone can relate to.

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